Towards industrial serial manufacturing

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Towards industrial serial manufacturing

This afternoon, representatives from leading companies and entities in the additive manufacturing sector with application to industry took part in the first day of the “Additive Talks” conference programme. This companies include Siemens, HP, IMH, Triditive, TRUMPF, Dynamical 3D, EOS, Baker Hugues and Basque Industry Innovation Hub, among others. These talks are hosted within the fourth edition of ADDIT3D, coordinated by ADDIMAT, the Spanish Association of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Technologies.

One of the main challenges facing the additive sector is industrial serial manufacturing. Thus, this afternoon’s presentations focused on its current situation, scalability, integration and efficiency, showing that the sector can tackle a number of challenges that will allow it to be even more widely implemented. In recent years, additive manufacturing has opened up an incredible range of possibilities to all industrial sectors, making it easier for companies to reinvent the way they make prototypes and produce functional and end parts at a lower cost and higher speed than other technologies on the market.

The welcome ceremony was attended by Xabier Basañez, General Manager of Bilbao Exhibition Centre, and Xabier Ortueta, General Manager of the AFM Cluster.

Tomorrow, and again at “Conference Theatre 5 by SPRI”, the Additive Talks will address topics of great interest such as “development of the value chain”, “new technologies and materials” and “printing the ship of the future”.

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