EOS Plastic Materials for Additive Manufacturing
EOS Plastic Materials for Additive Manufacturing

EOS embodies a high level of competence in materials and provides an extensive portfolio of highly developed plastics for Additive Manufacturing. EOS' materials, systems, and process parameters are perfectly matched to each other. The portfolio provides the best materials for achieving the targeted property profiles for products. Moreover, EOS is constantly refining its high-tech materials on the basis of specific customer requirements. 

The Additive Manufacturing of plastic products can make use of polyamides (PA), polystyrenes (PS), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and polyaryletherketones (PAEK). EOS provides a comprehensive range of materials for the Additive Manufacturing process. Customised products can be manufactured to the highest quality. 

We offer you end-to-end advice and support in your choice of materials. You can benefit from our many years of experience and our high-quality, extensively tested materials for achieving your design, development, and production targets. 

PA 2200 / 2201

PA 2202 black – Parts with continuous colouring

PA 1101

PA 1102 black

PA 2210 FR - Flame-retarding Polyamide

PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) - Flame Retardant Polyamide

PA 3200 GF - Glass bead filled polyamide

Alumide® - Polyamide aluminium-filled

CarbonMide® - Polyamide carbon fibre-reinforced

PrimePart PLUS (PA 2221)

PrimePart® ST (PEBA 2301)

EOS PEEK HP3 - Polyaryletherketone

PrimeCast® 101 - Polystyrene

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