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||Promote your participation in the event
Promote your participation in the event2019-11-14T17:14:51+01:00
Addit3D offers you a broad variety of promotional and advertisement actions that will provide your company with great visibility during the Trade Show and the pre-event phase:

  • Digital options that will help you capture the attention of visitors and buyers alike in the phase before the celebration.
  • Advertising on the visitor’s guide that is provided to all the professional visitors during the event.
  • Contact: Theecofairs: César Salas, Tel. 938 023 503, [email protected]
  • An attractive media set up at the event facilities will provide recognition, making your presence stand out among the other participants.
  • Contact: Dpto. de Marketing – Frank Elorriaga, Responsable de Diversificación, Tfno.directo: 94 404 00 48, [email protected]

Download the logo and promote your participation:

Approval of advertising requests will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis.
The final results will translate into the generation of businesses, brand recognition, more visitors, a greater promotion of your products and more sales opportunities.