Scan in a box - FX
Scan in a box - FX - On show

Accurately manufactured in every detail, Scan in a Box - FX offers high-quality 3D Scans. The Made in Italy design has been totally optimized to grant more consistency and stability and to bring a smooth and intuitive 3D Scanning workflow experience, to reach excellent targets in every professional field.

Scan in a Box - FX is designed for demanding users and companies that are looking for the highest level of performances to save time and resources. Fast, accurate and concrete: Scan in a Box - FX drops down significantly the processing time, asserting itself as the solution for anyone who needs an innovative technology in the perspective of their digital transformation.

The features to be functional and reconfigurable make of Scan in a Box FX a versatile machine that can be adapted for every application needed.

IDEA the Software is the 3D Scanning software developed to provide all the necessary tools to create a complete 360 degree and ready-to-use 3D digital model. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Through the latest advanced additions. it allows to control and manipulate the 3D data with more rapidity and automatism, while the 3D Scanning time during the acquisition phase has already been halved.

This new product belongs to the exhibitor: OPEN TECHNOLOGIES - SCAN IN A BOX