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8742 OBDACH, (Austria)
Teléfono: 004335782209
Fax: 00433578220916
Web: http://www.hage.at


HAGE3D, your partner for 3D printing and additive manufacturing! For several years we have been researching and developing reliable 3D printers with our team consisting of experts in additive manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plastics engineering and mechanics. The stable HAGE3D printing solutions for highly dynamic FFF rapid prototyping processes (enamel coating process) promise detail accuracy and highest precision. The large built chambers of the HAGE3D models are available for printouts of any kind. Positioning accuracies up to 0.1 mm give a precise three-dimensional impression. At our two locations in Graz and Obdach, we are constantly working on further improving our proven 3D printing systems and constantly developing new technologies, techniques and methods.

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  • Automoción
  • Aeronáutica

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